Women who belong on the new $10 bill

Because these ladies are more than dimes.

The 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment (a.k.a women’s right to vote) is coming up in 2020. What does that call for? A little femme fatale being introduced to our bank notes. This lucky lady will make her claim to fame in the financial universe alongside Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. Although many individuals want to see the bill graced with a politician or woman of historical significance, I’m thinking these bills should be more “current.” Here are ten satirical ideas for who should be on the new $10 bill. Ten dolla holla, here we go:


Who wouldn’t mind spending money when Beyonce is on the bill? Her fierce persona would definitely redefine what it means to get paid. She’s an inspiration to all the ***flawless women out there, and with her face on the bill, she’d prove that girls can run the world.


Oprah Winfrey is a woman of many talents. She’s a philanthropist, actress, producer, talk show host and a writer. She’s seen the ups and downs that this world has to offer. Maybe she’ll give the bills away for free on her show! Instead of “You get a car! And you get a car!” It’ll be “You get $10! And you get $10!” She is a philanthropist after all…can each bill come with a free vacation please?

J.K. Rowling

JK! She’s British, such a bloody shame. Honestly, we venerate this amazing woman and would want nothing more than her face on our money. She dropped her billionaire status to donate money to charity and she personally handcrafted our favorite series that we know and love so well. Maybe she’ll take a casual vacancy from her UK roots and become a U.S. citizen. Who knows, miracles can happen. After all, Harry Potter defeated Voldemort when all the cards were against him.

Marilyn Monroe

Ah, good ol’ Norma Jean. What better way to stir up the political hemisphere than add a glorious sex symbol to brand our money? There’s no question that Marilyn Monroe is an iconic woman. She’d be lying side by side in cash-registers with the greats of this country…George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson. Talk about redefining the meaning of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

Ruby Rose

Green is the New Black. And by green, I mean it should Ruby Rose on the new $10 bill. We fell in love with her on OINTB because we’re human, after all. I mean, c’mon, handing that winking beauty to a delivery guy might even get you out of finding change for your $10.50 pizza.

Caitlyn Jenner

Ramping up controversy is something this country loves. Whether or not you think Caitlyn Jenner deserves the spotlight she’s obtained doesn’t matter. Caitlyn has accomplished many feats in her career, and it’s impressive that she’s managed to stay positive and set an example for so many others in the process. Nothing says “We The People” better than a star who has their own show on E!.


There’s no one better for the face on the $10 than the original Material Girl herself. Proving that diamonds are a girls best friend, Madonna wouldn’t make us feel guilty for splurging on the organic milk at Whole Foods. She is truly a pop icon who takes “you do you” to the next level.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith would be a fresh, young change to all the old guys that clout the monetary scene. She might be little, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her ~chill vibes~ and influential wisdom make her an ideal candidate for the honor of being on the $10 bill. This powerhouse could whip her hair through through any financial crisis.

Amy Schumer

This girl can do no wrong. From her inappropriate jokes to her total-honesty policy, Amy Schumer would really lighten up our currency. She’s totally relatable and really defines what it means to be a woman in today’s crazy world. We love her even though she’s constantly making fun of us. Not only would her face on the new $10 bill be a huge publicity boost, it also might put a smile on the grumpy bank clerks face.

North West

What says $10 more than the golden baby of America? This tot defines America’s love for all things Kardashian and Kanye. This is the child of the OG “gold digger,” after all. Stacks on stacks on North West. In her portrait for the bill there’s no doubt that her face would be angled northwest.


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