The evolution of Justin Bieber

I know many will dismiss this column as nothing but celebrity nonsense.

And yes, I understand Greece has until Sunday to avoid bankruptcy, Jared of Subway is facing far tougher times than his prior obesity and China is dealing with a serious problem due to a major market sell off.

But Justin Bieber #BrokeTheInternet on Tuesday, and I’d like to talk about it.

This discussion may be in part due to the fact he has made some despicable decisions in the past, but I believe — or beliebe — there’s a substantial lesson Mr. Bieber can teach us all.

How he “broke the Internet” is simple. He posted a picture of his bare derrière on Instagram, and the entire prepubescent girl universe absolutely swooned.

But before I get to the true meaning of this post, let me rewind the clock. It’s late January in 2010, I’m riding shotgun in my mom’s Tahoe when XM Radio starts playing a catchy tune titled “Baby” by some chick named Justin Bieber.

Yes, initially, I thought he was a girl. Just like every other human in this country and probably Canada if we’re being honest.

In 2012, I attended Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City. Bieber was the closing act. Let’s just say the die-hard fan crying bloody murder behind me when he took off his shirt was far more entertaining to watch than the actual performance.

Shortly thereafter things started to go downhill for Mr. Bieber. Fame and sheer stupidity got the best of him.

Let’s take a look at his Trump-sized mistakes. In 2014 he faked an illness by riding in a wheelchair to cut Disneyland rides. He was caught using the N-word in multiple video recordings. Justin and his father smoked so much weed on a plane going from Canada to New Jersey the flight attendants had to wear oxygen masks in order to pass upcoming drug examinations. He participated in a drag race in Miami and got arrested for a DUI. He artistically peed his initials in the snow (and took a picture of it). The bottom line is this certifiable idiot is a douche bag — excuse my language.

After a messy breakup with Selena Gomez and a roast with a panel including none other than Martha Stewart, he was brought to extreme humiliation in front of the general public. Many of us had a feed-him-to-the-wolves mentality and desired nothing more than his being exiled back to where he belongs — Canada.

And this brings us to today. Somehow, after watching Jack U’s “Where are U Now” video, I realize the type of redemption Sydney Carton found in a “Tale of Two Cities” actually exists.

Justin Bieber took his own humility and turned it on its head. I’m not saying this kid had a divine intervention or anything, but he’s gaining back a level of respect I never thought was humanly possible.

He has made a moral comeback. And I think this is a lesson for all of us. No matter what, when we’re at the lowest of the low, or the highest of the high — like hot boxing a plane — we can redeem ourselves.

This article was originally published as a column for the Indiana Daily Student on 9 July 2015.


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