Book Reviews

Below is a running list of books I’ve read, the newest review will appear at the top of this webpage. Enjoy!

The Queen of the Tearling: A Novel by Erika Johansen

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First off, I think that Erika’s name is totally badass. It reminds me when I say to people, “it’s Karl, with a K,” but for her, it’s Erika with a K. It’s KOOL, man. The main character, Kelsea (welcome to the K club) is a fearlessly driven young girl who’s 19 years old. Coincidentally, she’s the Queen of the Tearling and has been living in hiding for her whole life until now. At first, I was a little skeptical of this Rapunzel-esque tale and it took me a few chapters to get into it. Kelsea starts off as a young girl with absolutely no knowledge about how to converse with people, nonetheless about how to legitimately take the throne and run a Kingdom. But as the journey progresses, she begins to show the true signs of a leader whose ability and wit is able to overcome trying times and distressing obstacles posed by Arlen Thorne and the Red Queen (the obvious bad guys). With the help of two shiny blue necklaces (magical necklaces, duh), Kelsea grabs the reigns of her throne and becomes the True Queen that the Tearling people had been waiting for. Essentially, the book weaves a tale similar to A Game of Thrones but incorporates a much-needed fairy-dusting of girl-power. Thankfully, IMDb has created a webpage for the film adaptation of the novel. Rumors have passed around the mill that Emma Watson will be involved (a girl can dream, right?), but alas, that’s just trivial speculation.


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