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 All digital pieces below were originally pitched, written and published by Jessica Karl for nylon.com during an editorial internship at Nylon Magazine. (Summer 2015)


everyone’s favorite john green book is finally becoming a movie
the ‘looking for alaska’ film is coming soon

Fangirls of the world unite: John Green’s New York Times bestseller Looking for Alaska is being adapted for the silver screen.

The Looking for Alaska movie is directed by Rebecca Thomas and will begin filming this fall in Michigan. Not surprisingly, the plot involves a skinny, nerdy boy and a sexy, mysterious girl. (Ring any bells?) The protagonist, Miles Halter, heads off to find the “Great Perhaps” at boarding school and encounters some unlikely allies—the five-foot tall, brawny Colonel and the MC/hip-hop aficionado Takumi. Shortly thereafter, Miles is nicknamed “Pudge” for his bony exterior and meets the undeniably stunning and emotionally unsound Alaska Young.

Quickly, Pudge falls in love. We don’t blame him—Alaska is the definition of an elusive dream girl. The wildly unpredictable Alaska Young is the epitome of a nonchalant badass—she smells like a mixture of vanilla and cigarettes, buries her Strawberry Hill wine in a soccer field, and reads novels with an aura of wanderlust. This movie will be jam-packed with cautionary tales of awkward romanticism, drunken adventures, and nostalgic rebellion. Our only hope is that they cast Alaska with an actress that embodies her chill vibes and DGAF attitude.

witness one thousand musicians perform

it’s surprisingly in sync

Last Sunday, 1,000 bright-eyed musicians traveled to a barren field in Cesena, Italy, with one mission: Catching Dave Grohl’s attention with a performance of the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly.”

“Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true, but it’s a land of passion and creativity. So what we did in here is just a huge miracle,” says Fabio Zaffagnini, the Rockin’Thousand’s creator, at the end of the performance. The project’s crowdfunding campaign launched in December of last year. In Zaffagnini’s promotional video, a woman told him that his dream was “like asking Batman to attend your nephew’s party.” Unfortunately, the Dark Knight didn’t make an appearance at the concert, but Zaffagnini’s crazy idea sure became a reality.

As many musicians know, sound-checking two instruments is a near disaster, so checking hundreds of drums and guitars seems virtually impossible. These musicians set out to play a single song together—a true musical miracle if you ask us—and the best part is that it sounds really good.

The video is going viral, so we can only hope that Dave Grohl will see it, and make plans to visit Cesena—maybe even play a show there. Yes, Grohl currently has a broken leg, but what’s a limb compared to 1,000 dedicated fans? This is why music exists; it brings people together, and that’s why we love it.

this guy can beatbox while playing the recorder

and it’s insane
Recorders usually bring to mind unsanitary mouthpieces and fourth graders playing “Hot Cross Buns.” But Cairo-based Medhat Mamdough takes the instrument to a new level and makes multitasking look easy. He artfully melds beatboxing with notes on the recorder in his YouTube video, “My War ‘Freestyle.’”

It seems as though Mamdough discovered his raw talent for recorder beatboxing a few months ago and has been posting jaw-dropping videos ever since. You’ll be playing his tunes on repeat because Mamdough’s skills are even more impressive than those of Cara Delevingne. Mad props, dude.

It leaves us with one question: Why didn’t we learn the art of recorder beatboxing in elementary school music class?


turn heads with chiliphilly’s food emoji hats

a wardrobe must-have
Crocheting may bring to mind mothball-smelling grannies, but Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson has literally spun the pastime into a hipster hobby with his crocheted food emoji hats.
 Ferguson, better known as Chiliphilly, is a crochet connoisseur with 20k-plus Instagram followers who’s proving that cool kids can partake in yarn-based activities, too. He learned how to create the wonderful wool headpieces from YouTube tutorials, eventually becoming so good that he could make each hat in about two caffeine-induced days—this guy is super-productive when he’s in the zone. The hat designs are comprised of our favorite emojis, including the eggplant (a timeless classic), the pizza slice (duh), and a juicy watermelon that is so Coachella, we just can’t even.

Chiliphilly’s creations are made for the chillest of chill people—you know, the type to pair a plush hamburger bag with a crocheted hamburger hat. Having two burgers in one outfit? That meat is rare. Just imagine wearing a crochet banana hat while eating a banana. It’s completely bananas—and meta— and we love it.

(via i-D)

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erin wasson’s new collection is a cool girl’s dream

the ultimate summer wardrobe.
by: jessica karl — may 21 2015

Our obsession with PacSun collabs began with fated sisters Kendall and Kylie’s seriously cool collection, which made teenage girls across the country swoon. This time, it’s Erin Wasson, the all-American model, actress, and trendsetter who’s got us slack-jawed over her new PacSun summer collection, P.S. Erin Wasson.

Wasson’s line includes a studded bodysuit, flowy rompers, and an American flag bikini—which Uncle Sam is sure to approve of—making any item perfect for your rotating Fourth of July wardrobe. We know you have one!

Pulling inspo from the lone star state, Wasson’s offering features bandana-esque prints that give a laid-back, western feel to any outfit.

You can shop the collaboration exclusively at PacSun, and keep your eye out for Wasson’s future PacSun collections debuting for Fall and Holiday 2015.


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